Our journey at the Yellow Green Farmers Market

Puro Tinto started production on January 3, 2020 and we were on the look out for a way to be able to show our product to the public. Being a new brand, we knew that we had to put ourselves out there for people to get to know us. We came upon the Yellow Green Farmers Market and we loved the idea. At the end of January we began in our first spot but soon after, the pandemic hit. We were closed for 13 months and then we were finally set to open again on April 2021. Since then we have been able to show all our products to all our clients, how to prepare them and we have been able to guide them so they are able have a great experience with their coffee at home. We love to take the time and explain the characteristics of our different roast, different types of grinds and what grind is perfect for your method of preparation so you are able to enjoy our coffee at its best potential.

Our location at the Yellow Green Farmers Market is known for having high quality coffee and elaborate products in which the best flavors of our coffee are able to be noted. We have created our own recipes in traditional coffee beverages in where we can mark the difference. Our location at the market is the perfect place to do more than just sell coffee, its a place where we have are able to share an experience and are able to show and inform you on what you are really drinking.

We can guarantee that every time you visit us you will always get the highest quality coffee and have a wonderful experience. At the market we have been able to meet a lot of people from different states and countries which allows us to be able to learn from other cultures and be able to bring the Colombian experience to Hollywood, FL. It has been the ideal place to be able to be recognized and if our customers want to order more our products, they can be shipped to their homes at any time to keep enjoying a freshly roasted Colombian coffee.

Our goal at the market is to be able to show the best of ourselves with great customer service and be able to share the knowledge we have in order to help everyone be able to prepare a great cup of coffee at home. All of the products that we prepare can easily be prepared anywhere, so you can feel like you’re always drinking the best of Colombia.

It has almost been 4 years on this adventure at the Yellow Green Farmers Market and we are so happy to be able to meet such incredible people every weekend and be able to show you how we are, working as a family and doing our best to show a part of Colombia with pride.

So many stories, incredible people and a lot of tintos made with love is what we love to share every Saturday and Sunday at our first location, and soon to be more ;)

We would love for you to share comments telling us about your experiences with us at Puro Tinto and our happiness is to see you all again!

See you soon!

Yellow Green Farmers Market 2020

Puro Tinto at the Yellow Green Farmers Market 2020


Yellow green farmers market 2022

Puro Tinto at the Yellow Green Farmers Market 2022

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