What is a Colombian tinto coffee?

Tinto Coffee or "EL TINTO, EL TINTICO" is the most popular coffee-based beverage in Colombia. It is a black cup of coffee and depending on the region it could be between 4oz to 10oz of coffee. Generally, it is made using the pour over method with a cloth filter. Another popular version of our tinto is what we call a Tinto Campesino, it is your basic tinto but sweetened with panela.
However, in our Colombian culture - a tinto coffee is more than just a cup of coffee. It is deeply embedded in the way we socialize with our family and friends. It is a reason to meet with a friend or a special person and have a chat with over a tinto, it is the drink that we offer you as a warmth welcome to our homes. Anytime there is a reason to socialize, a tinto is the glue that bring us even closer together.


What is the difference between a regular cup of coffee and a tinto coffee ?

Coffee wise there is not much of a difference. In the end it is all just good coffee. The difference comes in its meaning, the culture behind a Colombian tinto and the way it may be prepared. We also don’t call it just coffee, it’s called “tinto” and for a good reason. Around the world people might invite you to meet and have a chat over a “cup of coffee”, in Colombian we do the same except we just call it “tinto”.

What does it mean to me, personally?

I grew up in Caldas, Colombia. Coffee has been part of my life just as blood runs through my veins. Tintos are enjoyed in Colombian homes every day at any given time. There is no defined age to when you can enjoy a tinto. I remember since very little it was already part of my life. It didn’t matter the time of day, wether it be with breakfast, after lunch or even late at night it was always a great time for a tinto. I always remember my mother having more trouble sleeping knowing she had coffee leftover in the kitchen than drinking it late at night.

What does this mean for you?

Colombian coffee is very popular around the world. You may have come across various brands offering you a version of a Colombian coffee. However, when you shop with us – You are buying coffee straight from the source, the farmer. Our family-owned coffee farms have been part family for many years and our mission as any true Colombian is to always produce top quality coffee. Our tinto coffee is another way we can share a piece of our culture with you.




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